Children of same-sex couples are happier and healthier than peers, research shows


Children of same-sex couples fare better when it comes to physical health and social well-being than children in the general population, according to researchers at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

“It’s often suggested that children with same-sex parents have poorer outcomes because they’re missing a parent of a particular sex. But research my colleagues and I published in the journal BMC Public Health shows this isn’t the case,” lead researcher Simon Crouch wrote on the Conversation.

Crouch and his team surveyed 315 same-sex parents with a total of 500 children across Australia. About 80 percent of the kids had female parents and about 18 percent had male parents, the study states.

Children from same-sex families scored about 6 percent higher on general health and family cohesion, even when controlling for socio-demographic factors such as parents’ education and household income, Crouch wrote. However, on most health measures, including emotional behavior and physical functioning, there was no difference compared with children from the general population.

Crouch suggested the greater social cohesion among same-sex families comes from an equal distribution of work. He said same-sex couples are likely to share responsibilities more equally than heterosexual ones.


“It is liberating for parents to take on roles that suit their skills rather than defaulting to gender stereotypes, where mum is the primary care giver and dad the primary breadwinner,” he said.

But Benjamin Siegel, professor of pediatrics at the Boston University School of Medicine, said there are limits with such research. He told BU Today last year that none of the studies has been a randomized, controlled trial and that all studies on same-sex parenting are small since there aren’t as many same-sex parents.

The University of Melbourne study also pointed out a problem facing same-sex families: stigma.

According to the study, about two-thirds of children with same-sex parents experienced some form of stigma because of their parents’ sexual orientation. Despite these kids’ higher marks in physical health and social well-being, the stigma associated with their family structure was linked to lower scores on a number of scales. Crouch said stigmas ranged from subtle issues such as sending letters home from school addressed to a “Mr.” and “Mrs.” to more harmful problems such as bullying at school. The greater the stigma a same-sex family faces, the greater the impact on a child’s social and emotional well-being, Crouch said.

However, according to a report published by the American Academy of Pediatrics last year that analyzed three decades of data, children raised by gay and lesbian parents showed resilience “with regard to social, psychological and sexual health despite economic and legal disparities and social stigma.”

“Many studies have demonstrated that children’s well-being is affected much more by their relationships with their parents, their parents’ sense of competence and security, and the presence of social and economic support for the family than by the gender or the sexual orientation of their parents,” said Siegel, co-author of the American Academy of Pediatrics report.

Amid the last year’s Supreme Court arguments over same-sex marriage, researchers found that the quality of parenting and families’ economic well-being was more important than sexual orientation.

“I can tell you we’re never going to get the perfect science, but what you have right now is good-enough science,” Siegel said. “The data we have right now are good enough to know what’s good for kids.”

By Lindsey Bever


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One Year Without ‘Gay Propaganda’ in Russia


The Human Rights Campaign has released a new report on the state of affairs for LGBT people in Russia in advance of the one-year anniversary of that country’s draconian nationwide ban on so-called gay propaganda, signed into law June 29 of last year.

The report, titled simply “Russia: Year in Review,” catalogs the law’s far-reaching impact, with examples of enforcement that range from inane to chilling cases.

Among the more absurd applications of the law are an elementary school that was fined because children there were allowed to exchange Valentine’s Day cards with fellow students of the same gender, and a rating of 18+ for a Sims video game that allows characters to be in same-sex couples.

“No violation is too small or silly to escape notice of the anti-LGBT crusaders,” the report states. “And targets for investigation have included children’s books, a ninth-grade girl, and video games.”

The ninth-grade girl the report mentions was investigated by government officials because she told classmates she was a lesbian. Although a media uproar embarrassed Russian officials enough to suspend that investigation, as HRC notes, the teenager continues to live in fear that the inquiry could be relaunched.

A reference sidebar in the form of a (not necessarily sequential) timeline on the report highlights a decade’s worth of growing animosity and oppression toward LGBT people in Russia from officials and society in general. However, the report says, societal attitudes take their cues from the official positions of political leaders and those within the powerful Russian Orthodox Church.

The report also notes that even celebrities, such as Madonna and Lady Gaga, both of whom spoke out in Russia against President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to marginalize and punish LGBT people, have not been immune from facing investigations and possible fines. In fact, promoters of their concerts were fined for violating Russia’s ban on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships.”

Despite Putin’s promises that the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi would not be a dangerous venue for LGBT athletes and spectators, the report documents numerous violations of that promise — including the arrest of a trans Italian member of parliament who wore rainbow attire.

“Witch hunts, arrests, poisonous gas attacks, and murders,” writes Ty Cobb, HRC Foundation’s Global Engagement Director of the current atmosphere in Russia. “Not only do these terms evoke powerful memories of brutal regimes that fill the pages of history books, they also represent the very real dangers that LGBT people face each and every day in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.”

According to Cobb, “The evidence is clear: State-sponsored homophobia and transphobia in Russia poses a direct threat to the safety and welfare of LGBT Russians, and that threat is growing.”

But the crackdown may not be over, according to Cobb. HRC’s new report on Russia warns that there is even talk of fingerprinting and keeping a database of people with HIV and AIDS who live in the country.

“Some anti-LGBT activists and lawmakers are calling for recriminalizing homosexuality, new laws and constitutional reforms that ban marriage equality, and even a fingerprint database for tracking those with HIV/AIDS,” Cobb said in a statement announcing the report.

On Friday, the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law’s Williams Institute announced that it has drafted a declaration supporting Russia’s LGBT community and condemning the state-sponsored attacks. Senior public policy scholar Ilan Meyer issued that declaration in support of plaintiffs suing Russia in the European Court of Human Rights, countering Russian claims that the ban on so-called gay propaganda is necessary to protect children from mental illness.

“C]ntrary to the … [Russian agency’s] argument, homosexuals are not at risk of disease because they are homosexual,” writes Meyer, who is described as a social epidemiologist. “Rather, risk of disease results from social rejection, stigma, and prejudice related to homophobia. Accordingly, the propaganda law does not advance any legitimate goal in protecting the health of youth because there is no supportable connection between the means (suppressing homosexual propaganda ) and the alleged goals (protecting the health of youth).”


Anna Paquin Discusses The Normalization Of LGBT Identity On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)


“True Blood” star Anna Paquin stopped by HuffPost Live this week and discussed being bisexual, as well as what she sees as the future for public perception surrounding the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement.

Paquin, who has been out as a bisexual celebrity for quite some time, made waves across the Internet last month when she sent out the following tweet in celebration of LGBT Pride month:
While on HuffPost Live this week, Paquin discussed the reaction to this viral tweet, as well as her own personal views on how the normalization of queer identity will lead to a better world for the community as a whole.

“There’s people that are going to go to their grave thinking what they think about the LGBT community,” Paquin told HuffPost Live. “That’s their problem not mine. And there’s people that think that monogamy and bisexuality are mutually exclusive. Again, their problem not mine. The reason I feel like it’s important to talk about this stuff is that the more normal and, frankly, mundane and boring this stuff becomes the better it’s going to be for everybody who is part of our community.”

Check out the clip above or head here to watch the segment in whole.